Talent & Roles


Each user has his own account, associated with a Team which owns all of the casts.  Your team will be created with at least one Admin user, who can then invite additional members to join the team. 

Team Admins can invite new members (or update permissions) using the "members" tab. When an invitation is sent, the new user will receive an email to the specified address with directions on how to sign up.

What are the roles?

Kiswe Studio offers Administrators a set of different roles to assign to the members they create and invite. Each role defines a list of permissions members will have when they participate in the events they are invited for. Below, you find a list of the default roles available and their assigned permissions..

Team members can have one of 3 Roles:

  • Admin - Full access, including the ability to add/remove team members.
  • Crew Member - Full control of events and casts, but can’t modify team membership.
  • Talent - Can only access casts to which they are specifically invited (eg for externally sourced on-air talent).  

Administrators can also create custom roles if  the available predefined roles don’t match the team's needs. In the top right corner, you will find a button to add a new custom profile.

You can now fill out the role by ticking the proper permissions you envisioned for it. Once you click submit, the role is added to the list and can be assigned when you create or edit member properties. 

The different permission levels are as follows: 

  • View - View-only permissions. You cannot change anything that is impacting the production output. You can update personal preview and audio settings only.
  • Modify - Allows you to create and edit the respective objects. Within cast context, allows you to change the production output (e.g., switch scenes, update audio settings, ...).
  • Delete - Allows you to delete or remove the respective objects. A delete action, after confirmation, cannot be undone.