Note: ONLY "CREW" members can activate the Streamdeck.

How to use the Streamdeck?

  1. Install the Streamdeck
  2. Install the Kiswe Plugin
  3. Install a configuration template
  4. Connect the streamdeck with the Kiswe Studio
  5. Configure the Streamdeck

1. Install the StreamDeck

  1. Go to
  2. Indicate what device & software you have
  3. Download & install the correct version

2. Install Kiswe Studio Plugin

  1. Go to
  2. Search for Kiswe
  3. Install the plugin

3. Download a preconfigured setup here

4. Connect to StreamDeck with the Kiswe Studio

  1. Open an event
  2. Go to your profile (in dropdown from the menu) 
  3. Add the Streamdeck connection ID. Here you find this ID: 
    1. Open the StreamDeck software
    2. Click on the kiswe button. 
    3. The device ID is displayed below the settings of this button.
  4. Enable the Streamdeck; press the ON button

5. Configure the streamdeck

We have 3 types of hotkeys you can select from to configure you Stream deck:

  • Scene switching: Switch between all the scenes in your cast
  • Play Clips: Play/Pause/Stop clips, or jump to the next clip
  • Communication: Open the Intercom to all the crew & cast members or the Talkback to the Crew only