How to configure the Presonus Audiobox Configuration

Presonus Audiobox Configuration

Knob Descriptions

#1 & #2 Knobs – Controls input gain of their respective inputs.  We recommend setting this knob between the 2 o’clock and 3 o’clock range.  If input is not in use, turn input gain knob all the way to the left.

*Note- If the Red “Clip” LED lights up on your input while speaking, your input gain is set too high, and needs to be turned down.

Mixer -  This knob crossfades between the analog input signal (1 & 2) and the playback signal from your computer. If the knob is at 12 o’clock the input and playback systems will be equally balanced.  This only controls the mix in the headphone monitoring output and does not affect the mix of the stream.  To hear more of your microphone for monitoring, turn towards “input”.  To hear more of the game stream audio, turn towards “playback”.

Phones - This knob controls the output level for the headphone output on the back of the unit.  If you need the audio of your headphones to be louder, use this knob.

Main - This knob controls the output level for the main outputs on the back of the unit.  This is NOT used in this use case and does not affect the volume of the input to the stream.

PC Audio Playback: Make sure the Presonus Audiobox is selected as the input and output audio device on your PC.

In Windows: Right Click Sound Icon in system tray – Playback devices- Make sure Audiobox is enabled in both Playback and Recording tabs.

In Mac OS: System Preferences – Sound – Select “Audiobox” on both Input and Output tabs.