How to setup a commentator event?

How to setup a commentator event?

  1. Create new event on the dashboard
  2. Complete the wizard
    1. Template
    2. Details
    3. Options
    4. Streams
    5. Tracks
    6. Crew
    7. Assets


If you select a template, the settings of the streams, commentators, and quality will be transferred to this new event. Only Commentator templates will appear in the list.


  • Name: of the event
  • Start: The start date and time of your event. The event will start up 30 minutes before the time you indicate, so all streams are up and running by the time the event starts.
  • End: The end time of your event. he end time for your event. 30 minutes before the event will end, you will be noticed and can prolong the event if necessary. 


  • Test event: Creates a test event. A watermark is to the stream and the broadcast hours won’t be billed. This event is recorded and archived for 1 week. (1 week)
  • Support: The support level you need for the event
    • Platinum: Live 1-1 support during the event.
    • Gold:  24/7 phone assistance
    • Silver: There is mail assistance without an SLA
  • Video quality: Define the quality of the output stream. By default it is set as the same quality of the input stream. You can change the Mbps & Hz (refresh rate)
  • Keyframe interval: Define the keyframe rate of the output, by default it is set similar to the keyframe rate of the input stream.
  • Region: Define where the streams are hosted. By default it will look at the teamsetting.


  • Platinum support needs to be requested 48 hours in advance so we can schedule a dedicated Kiswe operations manager
  • For best performance select the region that is closest to the input & output of the streams. It's less important to link the region to the location of the commentators since they will receive a lower quality preview.


Select the main, backup and output stream of the event. They need to be created upfront in the stream tab on the dashboard. Learn how to add a stream here.

NOTE: Only SRT streams can be chosen as the output stream because it supports multiple audio tracks.


Add audio tracks to the event and link talent to each track. Talent who is added to the event will see the event in their events dashboard.

  • Amount: Indicate the amount of seperate audio tracks you need. You can add up to 10 different tracks.
  • Talent: Add talent from the list to each audio track. You can add up to 4 talents per track. 

Talents need to be invited and have accepted the invite to the Kiswe Studio before they will show up in the dropdown list.

  • Invite new talent
    • Go to the dashboard > Members
    • Invite a new member
    • Assign the role of “Guest caster” 
    • An invite mail will be send to he person


Select which teams can see the event. You can select out of the list of teams that are added in the team overview.


Select which assets you want to add to the event., for now we only allow slates.