Commentator for Talents

How to use commentator as talent?



1. Menu

  • Event name
  • Duration
  • Talkback: indication when talkback is being used. turn up the volume if you don't hear it.
  • Status: In the menu bar the commentator can see the diagnostics of his/her upload and download stream.
  • Options
    • Diagnostics: get more detailed diagnostics on upload and download status
    • Device: open to change the mic that is connected
    • Profile: access the profile to change settings (a profile picture, screen name, preview quality)
    • Leave event: leave the event, the event still continues

2. Comment

Hit the comment button and the input will be broadcasted. 

At start, the talent will be muted, the crew needs to unmute the talent before it can be added to the broadcast. 
The comment button turns blue when the talent is muted. Chat with the crew and ask to unmute, if they didn't do already.

3. Crew & other talent

You see all the people connected to the event. You can regulate the volume of the talkback if needed. 

3. Chat

The chat can be seen by everyone connected to the event. Use it to communicate with the crew.