Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat

  1. Provide our Kiswe Studio app with permissions to your Facebook pages, 
  2. Add the Facebook widget to your scenes
  3. Drag/drop any of the individual chat messages from fans into your live event. 
  4. Your host and commentators can then instantly respond and react.

Step 1. Create a scene with a Facebook Live chat widget

  1. Create a new scene in the scene editor.
  2. Add a new "facebook live chat" box in the “Front” section.
  3. Customize the layout of this box
  4. Save your layout

Step 2. Prepare a Facebook Live broadcast 

  1. Go to your facebook page and tick “live”.
  2. In the facebook producer page, you will see the rtmp server URL and streamkey. Use these credentials to create an output stream in Kiswe Studio.
  3. In Kiswe Studio, go to Streams.
    1. Add new stream of type "output"
    2. Copy the destination URL from the facebook producer page in the URL field in Kiswe Studio
    3. Copy the streamkey from the facebook producer page in the streamkey field in Kiswe Studio
  4. Add this output to the Kiswe Studiocast you want in your FB Live event

Step 3. Give Kiswe Studio permissions 

  1. Go to "Team Settings' in the dashboard menu and tick the “Add permissions” in the Facebook Live Chat Integration section.
  2. You will be redirected to Facebook
  3. You can give permission to use the data of all your facebook pages OR select “edit settings” and give individual page permissions
  4. Kiswe Studio will now list the granted permissions

Step 4. Activate your Facebook Live event in your cast

  1. In your cast, create a Facebook Live Chat asset.
  2. Give this asset a namGive the URL address of the Facebook live video. In the Facebook producer page, you can find this in the right bottom of the page. Careful not to take any other URL!

Step 5. Show chats in a scene

  1. Open your "Facebook live asset" in the control center at the bottom of the cast UI.
  2. All FB Live chats will be available in this asset (fetched every 30 seconds).
  3. Drag and drop the desired chat from your Facebook live asset onto your scene layout.
  4. Happy chatting!