Invite talents

  • Invite with an account

The first step is to go into the Members section and invite a new member with the appropriate role (Talent). The talents will receive an invitation to log in to Kiswe Studio. Once the talent has a login, you can invite them to an event.

  • Add during event creation: by clicking on the "Add Casters" button within your desired cast, or by clicking the edit cast button
  • Add in the event: You can also add a caster from inside an ongoing cast via the dropdown in the casters tab, as pictured below.

NOTE: When talents connect to the event, they are muted. You can unmute and make them visible here.

  • Invite with a link

Every event has a unique invite link providing single-click access to a live cast. Just copy the link and share it privately with the guests and talents you need, or even push it out publicly to allow anonymous people to join your cast.

You can find the link in the bar of action icons on the right side of each cast in the Dashboard. You can also find the link while you are inside a cast, at the right side of the Casters tab in the control center.

  • Moderation mechanism

A number of auto-join seats (5 in fact) is available for guests to instantly make a video connection, but more guests trying to join are queued without the ability to set up a video connection. Any anonymous guest joining will become available to the moderator for quick 1-on-1 video chats to validate and prepare guests on their contribution. 

When you take an Anonymous guest into moderation, you can update the changes to any of the video and audio settings of the guest and force a refresh of the connection at the guest's end. Once you accept the guest, the refresh will be initiated automatically at the guest's end. Once satisfied, the moderator accepts the guests so they become part of the cast production and can be manipulated like any other caster in your casts today.