Scte & Smpte

At this point this feature is only available upon request and integrated in the Producer event type.

Contact if you want to use to this feature.

Following actions are made possible for SCTE-35 and SMPTE markers

  Passthrough Insert
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SCTE-35 & SMPTE messages from the input can be passed through (included) in the data stream to the outputs.


Insert SCTE-35 messages during an invent for ad insertion

1. Add SCTE / SMTPE info to a stream

  • Open the stream tab from the dashboard
  • Create a new stream / edit an existing stream
  • When you select the SRT stream type (input & output), fill in the SCTE PID & SMPTE PID fields
  • ! this functionality only works for SRT streams

2. Passthrough the data during an event

Kiswe does automatic passthrough of the data if you add an input stream with a SCTE / SMPTE PID and an output stream with a completed SCTE or SMPTE PID.

3. Insert SCTE-35 markers to an event

  • Spin up a Producer event (! this functionality only works in the Producer)
  • Go to the SCTE Markers tab
  • 6 Hardcoded markers are added
  • Pressing them will submit the marker to the SCTE stream
  • A notification is added in the program mode as confirmation of the insertion.