What is Kiswe Switcher?

Kiswe Switcher enables single producers or small teams to create high-quality broadcasts directly from the cloud by ultra-responsive switching between multiple sources, locations and devices that can be sent simultaneously to multiple distribution channels such as stations, social platforms, websites and mobile apps.

Kiswe Switcher

Kiswe Switcher functionalities

  • Sources: Add multiple sources as streams, web sources, clips, graphics and guests from different devices and locations
  • Graphics: Add layers on the sources like images or live graphic visuals from 3rd party platforms as Singular, Tagboard & Dizplai.
  • Scenes: Create macros by combining sources, layers, audio streams and transitions 
  • Switching: Switch in realtime between the scenes and activate all mix effects with 1 click
  • Audio Mixer: Master the audio of the crew, talkback, intercom and streams in an intuitive way
  • Collaborate: Use the chat, intercom and talkback functionalities to collaborate, designed for teams on premise and remote 

Get an overview of the main functionalities and terminology here.