Sources supported in Switcher

In Kiswe Switcher different sources can be added to an event. 

Types of sources

  • Graphics: Single or multiple full screen graphics can be added as a source in a box, think about slates, statistics, team positions etc. We advice to create these assets in 1920x1080 resolution.
  • Web source: Add a weblink / URL of a page you want to stream or from a 3rd party platform.
  • Layout  (Coming soon)
  • Replay (Coming soon)

Add a source

  1. Press to add a source in an empty box
  2. Select the type of source 
  3. Select the source now
  4. Press the add button to add it as a source

After you added the source, you will be redirected to the scene panel so you can add layers, audio streams or transitions to that scene.

NOTE: For streams, guests and web sources only 1 source can be added to the box; for graphics and clips multiple assets can be uploaded.