Studio overview

Studio Overview

  1. Profile: Edit your profile, default caster region and preview quality settings
  2. Exit studio: Close the studio
  3. Team: If you created multiple teams, select the team you want to access
  4. Events: Overview of all active, planned and archived events
  5. Streams: Create a new stream and have the overview of all created input and output streams to be used in all events
  6. Assets: All assets uploaded to Kiswe that can be used in all events
  7. Layouts: Create a custom layout for a scene or use a default template
  8. Templates: Overview of all saved event templates that contain the settings, streams, assets, crew and talents
  9. Talents: everybody who joined your team and is invited with admin, crew of talent roles
  10. Billing: Overview of the (non) billable hours produced per month
  11. Self-test: Test your internet connectivity and devices before starting to cast
  12. Start events: create a new event with these wizards