A single clip or a playlist of clips can be added as a source. For now only 1 box with clips can be added.
  1. Add clips
  2. Clip options
  3. Use the Clips

Add Clips

  • Click on the "+" in the content tab to add one or more clips
  • The clips are added in the list 
  • you can change the volume of the individual clips
  • When you hover a clip - a delete option will appear

NOTE: Clips have an individual volume, this you can change on the clip itself. On the audiopanel you have a master volume meter for all the clips playing that you can master there.

Clip Options

The options for the clips are:

  • Restart clips: When turned on the selected clip will restart on each scene switch. When you put the clip in preview or program, the clip will start playing for the start. If turned off, the clip continues playing over scene switches. This function is mainly used when switching between multiple layouts that contain the same content.
  • Chain clips: When chained, clips will play one after another. 
  • Go to preview at end: When a clip or playlist with clips is done playing, there will be an automatic switch of the preview and program mode; the last content in program will be show immediately after the clip ends.

NOTE: when there are mulitple clips in the scene and these are not chained, and the setting to go to preview automatically is turned on; only 1 clip will play and there will be switched to put the preview content in program.

Use the clips

Under the preview and program box you find the clip player controls.

  • Go to Previous clip
  • Restart clip
  • Pauze clip
  • Go to next clip