The limits of switcher

The limits of switcher


The Studio functionality and responsivity depend on the capacity of 2 devices:

  • Your local device (laptop/desktop)

The minimal requirements of the laptop / desktop to run Kiswe studio you can find here. The memory is mainly used by the thumbnails that are created on the switch panel; which are generated locally. If your device has problems creating the thumbnails, you can try to lower the quality of the previews. If this doesn't work; you'll need a better device to run the Kiswe Studio.

  • The Cloud mixer 

All streams and layers are send to a cloud mixer where we bring everything together, mix it, and send it back to your output channel. The mixer we use by default for the switcher has a limited capacity that cannot be exceeded. If exceeded, the mixer cannot output a healthy video stream and the quality is not guaranteed.

The load on the mixer is defined by a number of factors: the amount of ingest streams, the quality level of the streams, the number of outputs selected, if re-encoding of streams is required and if we need cross-continent connections or not. Because unlimited combinations are possible we do not limit any one of the single options; but give you the tools to monitor the usage.

In the menu bar you have the load indicator of the cloud mixer. We strongly advice not to exceed the 75% capacity of the cloud mixer in order to guarantee a quality broadcast. If you need more capacity or have any other questions, please contact us and we can increase it for you at a fixed rate.

NOTE: when the Cloud mixer is overloaded, we need to completely restart the mixer which will cause for a longer interrupt of your broadcast, so take the load capacity very serious.

Load indicator

In the menu bar you find both indicators for the device and the cloud mixer. Hover over them to get more detailed information. The color code will give you a visual indication on the load.

Load - stress test results


There are several options to lower the load on your device and on the mixer. If you want to increase the capacity of the cloud mixer, contact us.

  • Lower the load on your device
    • Lower the preview quality of all the thumbnails
      1. Go to your profile (menu bar > dropdown > profile)
      2. Video preview > select quality Low
      3. Refresh the page (Crtl-r  or press the refresh button in the browser)
  • Lower the load on the cloud mixer
    • Remove some ingest streams
    • Lower the quality of ingest streams
    • Lower the amount of output channels
    • Turn of the re-encoding optionsfor streams
  • Increase the cloud mixer capacity

Contact us here if you need more cloud mixing capacity for your event, it can be set up for you a a fixed rate per hour.