How to setup a switcher event?

    1. Create streams
    2. Upload assets
    3. Create an event
    4. Add sources
    5. Add Output channels
    6. Setup the scenes
      1. Add content
      2. Add layers
      3. Select Audio streams
      4. Add transitions

      Create streams

      Before starting a Switcher event, first add your input and output streams in the Kiswe Streams Manager. Once streams are added, they can be used in any event.

      1. On the dashboard > Go to the Streams page
      2. Press the "+ Add stream" button to add a stream
      3. Add the input / output details & press the "submit" button

      Learn more about adding streams here.

      Upload assets

      It's handy if you already upload your assets in bulk to Kiswe before setting up the event. Any asset uploaded can be used in each event.

      1. On the dashboard > Go to Assets tab
      2. Press the "+" button to add a folder and/or an asset
      3. Select an asset type
      4. Select the file you want to upload
      5. Press "create" to upload it

      Learn more about all the assets we support here

      Create an event

      1. Select a template (if needed): When using a template, the setup of the new event is initialised with the main settings, streams, sources etc. from the template
      2. Complete the event details
      • Name: The name of the event with which it will also be shown on the dashboard
      • Start & end date: The event will start up 30 minutes before the time you indicate, so all streams are up and running by the time the event starts. 30 minutes before the event will end, you will be notified and can extend the event if necessary. 
      • Region: Defines where incoming streams are processed. This should be near the location of the ingest streams.
      • Quality: Defines the quality of the output stream.
      • Test event: A watermark is added to the stream and the broadcast hours won’t be billed. This event is recorded and archived for 1 week.
      • Support: The support level you need for the event
        • Platinum: Live 1-1 support during the event.
        • Gold: 24/7 phone assistance
        • Silver: There is mail assistance without an SLA

        3. Save or open the event: Save will start (or schedule) the event, and return you to the dashboard. While Open will enter the event instead of going back to the dashboard.

      • NOTE: Platinum support request need to be made 48 hours in advance so we can schedule a dedicated Kiswe operations manager

      Add sources

      Initially the switcher event will be empty, so you'll start by adding one or more sources. Before you start adding ingest streams and outputs, we advice you to read about the limitations of the switcher to guarantee a quality broadcast without interruptions.

      NOTE: When you immediately enter the event after creating it, it will take up to 5 minutes until the cloud mixer is booted and the streams / previews will be visible.

      How to add a source?

    1. Click on a source box in the switch panel to add content
    2. Select the content type you want to add
    3. Depending on the type you can select your stream, assets, clips, guests or fill in the link for the web source.
    4. Hit the add button and the content is added to the box

    Learn more about the different sources here.

        Add output channels

        Now that ingest streams and other sources are added, it's time to select the output channels you want to send the production to.

        How to add an output channel?

      1. Go to the "Channel" panel
      2. Click on the "+ New channel" button to add a new output channel 
      3. Select the output channel from the list (if you didn't add the output stream yet, go to step 1 - How to add a stream)
      4. The output stream will be automatically activated and added in the list on the Channel panel
        • Turn On / Off the Channel: select if the output stream is used or not by changing the toggle. 
        • Details / Delete: Hover over the channel to get more details and the option to delete the channel

        Setup the scenes

        It's time now to setup the scenes for each source, creating a macro for the source adding graphic layers and audio, and define the settings

        Add content

        You can add content by clicking on the "+" button. 

        NOTE: We only allow 1 Stream, web source or guest per scene; but multiple clips and graphics can be added.

        Add layers

        Layers are added on top of the content in a full screen size (1920x1080px) with transparency. Add an image or 3rd party link with live animated graphics from e.g. Singular, Tagboard, Dizplai or Flowics.

        Select Audio streams

        Turn on the audio streams that you would like to have in the scene. The volume of the streams is set in the Audio panel. 

        Customize the options & transitions

        Set specific functionalities to use during the scene. For example start a certain transitions when the scene is activated. Learn more about transitions here.