How to use the switcher?

How to use the switcher?

  1. Switching
  2. Edit & remove scenes
  3. Short keys
  4. Master the volume
  5. Load indications


Main functionality of the switcher is that you see all the sources/scenes on the switch panel in small thumbnails, so you can easily add them to the preview or program mode. 

  • Scene thumbnails: click to add them in preview mode
  • Preview: click the "cut" button to bring it into program mode. The program will become preview

NOTE: with the hot switch mode you can put thumbnails from the bottom directly into program mode; skipping the preview. Learn here how the hot switch mode works.

Edit & remove scenes

When you hover over the source / scene thumbnails on the switch panel, a dropdown arrow will appear. Via that way you can:

  • Edit the scene: it puts the scene in preview and opens the scene panel so you can adjust the setup
  • Delete the scene: removes the scene from the panel and frees up the box

NOTE: be aware of the scenes that are in preview and program mode, indicated by the green and red border around the thumbnails; because you can delete a scene that is used in preview or program.  

Short keys 

With the short keys you can:

  • Arrows: Switch content within a source box 
    • Previous/ next clip or graphic
    • Pauze clip
    • Restart clip
  • Layer icon: Opens a panel with all visual and audio layers to turn them on / off 
  • Burger icon: Opens a panel with all content added, to select a specific content

So you don't need to leave the switch panel during the production. 

Master the volume

Listen to each audio stream separately via the audio panel, adjust the volume or mute it. The volume of each stream will be used on the scenes as set on the audio panel. 

Next to the preview and program box there are 2 headphones via which you can listen to the audio mix that is on each respective scene.

Load indications

2 hardware devices affect the quality of the cloud production studio and need to be monitored; the device on which the Kiswe studio runs and the cloud mixer that puts together all the streams, the assets and layers and transforms them to multiple outputs. If they overload the broadcast will fail or the studio will become unresponsive on your device. In the menu bar on top of the screen, there is the indication of the memory used of both devices.

Learn more about the limitations of the switcher here.