How to use the Commentator?

How to use the Commentator? 

  1. Menu
  2. Production area
  3. Track panel
    1. Order
    2. Statuses
    3. Diagnostics
    4. Listen to track
    5. Add talent
    6. Talent options
    7. Remove talent
  4. Communication


  • Support level: Support level of the event
  • Event name: Name of the event
  • Duration: Duration of the event and time you will be billed
  • Status: Upload and download status. Hover for a summary, click for detailed diagnostics.
  • Options
    • Profile: change the settings of your profile like the video & quality preview quality
    • Devices: connect or change the camera and mic
    • Settings: go to the event wizard page. Learn more about it here
    • Support: get directed to the support center of Kiswe Studio
    • Leave: leave the event but the event keeps running

Production area

You see the stream in preview (left) and program (right) mode. You select the main, backup or slate by pressing the button under it. 

  • Main: main input stream
  • Backup: backup input stream
  • Slates: 
    • Preview: select and see the slates
    • Program: the selected slate will play when you hit the slate button.

Track panel

Regulate the volume for the input & output stream and each talent individually. You can listen to each track separately, mute it or add commentators to the tracks. 


  • Crew
  • Input
  • Output
  • Tracks



  • Hover: Get a summary of the diagnostics of the stream or talent
  • Click: Get all detailed diagnostics of the stream or talent

Listen to a track

Press the sound icon per track to listen to each track individually

Add talent

  • Click on the “+” icon to add a talent to the track 

Talent options

Click on the name of a talent to open the options

  • Talkback: Talk directly to the talent only
  • Diagnostics: see more advanced diagnostics
  • Edit profile: change settings of the talent
  • Remove: remove the talent from the track

Remove talent

  • Click on the Talent button on top of the track
  • select 'remove talent' from the dropdown option

NOTE: If a producer adds himself as a talent to the track, we switch to the talent view. 

To change the role to producer again (and see the producer studio)

  • Exit the event
  • Go to the dashboard > edit event
  • Remove the person from the track
  • Open the event again


  • Chat: The chat is visible to everybody in this event. 
  • Talkback & intercom: The talkback is an internal communication platform that is not added to the output stream. There are 3 options 
    • All: all crew and commentators (1 click to turn on & stays on)
    • Individually: a single crew member or commentator (IFP’s)
    • Crew: Only all crew, the party line, will hear this, not the commentators

NOTE: Before you can use the talkback option, you need to connect a microphone. We prompt this the first time you click on the talkback options. 

If you want to change the microphone

  • Hit the options in the menu
  • Select device from the dropdown
  • Select another microphone from the list