Guests can be added as a source within the switcher. Each guest will appear in one of the source boxes when connected. The talent can then be put in preview and program, or being used in a composition layout.

Invite a Guest

Before you can add a guest to a production, the guest need to have a Kiswe account and (s)he needs to be invited to your account.

  • Go to the talent page in the dashboard
  • Press the "+ New member" button
  • Add the email address of the guest
  • Assign the role of "Talent"
  • Now the guest will receive an email
  • The guest needs to complete the registration process
  • Once this is done, you can invite the guest to one of the productions

Add a guest to a production

  • Press the "Add source" box
  • Select "Add a Guest"
  • Select the talent from the list
  • The guest will be added to the source box

Note: the guest needs to connect with the event and start casting before any content appears in the box.

Change the guest stream quality

On the scene panel of the guest you have different options to change the stream quality and to check the guests connection status.

The options:

  • Guest name: cannot be changed
  • Region: Streaming region, should be as close to the actual location of the guest
  • Video quality
  • Video bitrate
  • Audio bitrate
  • Noise cancelling
  • UDP

Note: The changes made are NOT used until you restart the stream! The button at the bottom of the list of parameters will light up if you change a parameter and you need to press it in order to restart the stream and the changes to take effect!

Control the guest audio

Once a guest is connected to the production, a unique audio stream of the guest will be added to:

  • The audio panel
  • All scenes in the audio segment

The audio options are on

  • The audio panel
    • Listen to the stream: by pressing the headphone button
    • Change the volume: with the slider
    • Mute: the guest with the mute button

  • The scene panel

Turn the toggle on if you want to use the guest audio in the scene.

What does a guest see?

The guest view is a view with only the output of the production. (S)he will not see himself on screen if (s)he is not in program.